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Be Bright Young Women Face Care

From the mid-twenties, your skin begins to produce less collagen (the protein that helps keep your skin elastic and fresh) and less sebum, so you can feel your skin drier as you age so you need to implement young women face care.

Imperium Est has five products in its Be Bright young women face care range:

✤ BE BRIGHT Hydrating day face cream

✤ BE BRIGHT Nourishing night cream

✤ BE BRIGHT Repair Face Serum

✤ BE BRIGHT Eye contour

✤ BE BRIGHT Clay mask for face and neck

Investing in anti-aging facial care may not seem like the most important thing when you are in your twenties. Still, because your skin is undergoing significant changes during this period, it is important to be prepared for what lies ahead.

Some of the ingredients we use in our products are:

✤  Almond sweet butter

✤ Shia butter

✤ Soybean oil

✤  Aloe Vera juice

✤ Organic strawberry extract

✤ Assets Contained in Extracts of Caper Fruit, Indian Fig and Olive Leaves

✤ Biomimetic peptides

✤ Glycerin

✤ Elastina

Be Bright day cream is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. It contains a rich composition of oils, vitamins and fruit extracts, which helps and keeps the skin elastic, healthy and young. Includes a high content of substances that slow down skin aging. With it, the face looks maintained, hydrated and firm. The cream regenerates, tones and protects from sunlight, air pollution, cigarette smoke forming a very thin filter on the skin. Be Bright has a soothing effect after sunburns or other skin irritations, thanks to the qualities of Glycerin, Strawberry Extract and Aloe Vera, which are contained in the cream.
Be Bright night face cream is suitable for normal, dry, sensitive and sun-damaged skin. It contains a valuable combination of peptides that stimulates cell regeneration, making the skin younger in just four weeks. It also reduces the signs of scarring and damage due to sun exposure.Be Bright reduces water evaporation and stimulates collagen production, maintaining the skin’s natural appearance and elasticity. Effectively fights the appearance of wrinkles, reducing ageing signs and helps keep the skin hydrated and soft.The cream has emollient and anti-inflammatory qualities that give the face healthy and radiant skin in a short period of time.It is produced from the best organic vegetable oils, including Liposolbuble Extract, Lamila, Aloe Vera and A Compound of Biomimetic Peptides. It can be used during the day under make-up or as a night treatment.

Be Bright face and neck serum is suitable for normal, dry and sensitive skin. It has a moisturizing and nourishing effect. Effectively protects the skin from dryness and helps the regeneration of epidermal cells. Soothes irritated or injured skin. It is useful for areas affected by eczema or psoriasis. Stimulates collagen production and effectively fights wrinkles. Thanks to the face and neck serum, the skin is elastic, hydrated and soft.

It is made with the most refined organic vegetable oils, including Assets Contained in Capera Fruit, Indian Figs and Olive Leaf Extracts, and Biomimetic Peptides.

Be Bright eye contour is suitable for all skin types, even the most delicate. It nourishes and keeps the skin around the eyes elastic, fresh and firm. It has an antioxidant effect that fights the damage caused to the skin by our environment, stress and fatigue. It actively deals with wrinkles around the eyes and makes the skin younger in just four weeks. It works in-depth and actively works to reduce dark circles and bags around the eyes.

It is made with the best organic vegetable oils, including Rice Oil, Sweet Almond Oil. Can be used during the day under makeup or as a night treatment.

The clay mask for face and neck Be Bright is suitable for all skin types, even for the most sensitive – with acne, tired and dehydrated. Thanks to its ingredients, it gives strength and elasticity to the face and neck. It has purifying, whitening and antioxidant qualities. It has a calming and regenerating effect on irritated or injured areas. The mask effectively copes with dark circles around the eyes, as well as the appearance of wrinkles. Protects, smooths and restores affected areas from various injuries, scars or psoriasis, because it has a powerful antibacterial and antifungal ingredient.


Airglass Slim Refill concept

Airglass slim refill is an innovative solution for the storage of cosmetics and care for the environment. The products’ formula is protected from contact with air and pollution, and thus the properties of the ingredients are preserved for a much longer time. Secondly, we have less waste after using the product. By replacing only the bottle filler, we generate less waste and thus take care of and protect the environment. With a fantastic slim design, it offers our customers a more elegant experience using our products.

Airglass Slim Refill is available for:





Benefits of using Airglass Slim Refill:

✤ No pollution and air – protects the formula in the bottle to extend the product’s life.

✤ Airglass slim refill is the ideal packaging solution to help protect the environment.

✤ Less waste: uses more than 95% of the product.

✤ Accurate dosage: the formula is controlled by dosage.