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Why is it important to take care of the area around the eyes?

They say that the eyes are the window to the human soul. Even without words, a look can speak. Thanks to our eyes we come into contact with the external world and perceive it. It is extremely important to take care of them and spare them. It is equally important to take care of the area around them so that the “windows” to our soul are bright and shining.

In this article, we will pay attention to some of the features of the eye contour. We will highlight why it is important to take special care of this area and what it should be.

The skin around the eyes is extremely fine and delicate. Its structure differs from that of the rest of the face – here it is much thinner, and there are also no sebaceous glands to produce sebum. This reflects negatively on the storage of moisture in the tissue itself. The skin gets easily dehydrated, which is the reason for the appearance of wrinkles. Other factors that negatively affect the moisture in the skin around the eyes are the sun, wind, air conditioners that dry the air in the room, and also the radiation from the

computer monitor, TV, and phone screen. In addition, this area is under constant tension because of the daily grimaces and facial gestures that we voluntarily or involuntarily perform. They are also the cause of fine wrinkles. Blood circulation is slower in this area of ​​the skin of the face, and the signs of fatigue, stress, and lack of sleep, which are manifested in the form of puffiness and dark circles, are most clearly visible.

Age does not determine to what extent all this will reflect on the eye contour. All of these unpleasant outcomes can happen to young people as well as to those of an older age. That’s why it’s essential to take care of this area on a daily basis. The sooner you start paying attention to it, the better. Some quick and easy steps you can take are:

1. Always remove eye make-up before sleeping. Unlike us, the skin at night continues to work actively. During this time, various renewal and restoration processes take place in its cells. Make-up residues hinder these processes.

2. Do not use products that contain soap when washing your face. It dries


out the skin on the face. Also, soap has a high pH – between 8 and 11, depending on whether it is regular or mild. The pH of the skin varies between 5 and 6. This means that it can cause irritation.

3. Don’t neglect rest. As already mentioned, the skin is active at night. This is the time during which it recovers. Fatigue has a tendency to accumulate, which is especially visible in the area around the eyes. Lack of quality rest makes the skin more vulnerable, toxins accumulate in it, and blood circulation is disturbed.

To make the results even more effective after you have already taken these steps, it is good to implement cosmetic products that are specifically designed for the contour. With the right care and cosmetics, you will be able to prevent the early appearance of wrinkles around the eyes or limit the deepening of those that have already appeared. In Imperium Est’s two product series – Be Bright and Reborn, you will find products that are designed specifically for this area.

Be Bright Eye Contour – this product is specially developed for younger skin. Its formula contains completely natural ingredients. Some of them are sweet almond oil, shea oil, vitamin E, caffeine, and others. Be Bright Eye Contour nourishes and keeps the skin around the eyes elastic, fresh, and firm. It has an antioxidant effect that fights the damage caused to the skin by our environment, stress, and fatigue. It actively deals with wrinkles around the eyes and makes the skin younger in just 4 weeks.

Reborn Eye Contour – this product is for more mature skin. Its composition includes African Kigelia fruit extract, Quillaja bark extract, Cannabis Sativa seed oil, and others. It restores and soothes the skin around the eyes. Reborn Eye Contour is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. It nourishes, whitens, regenerates, and keeps the skin around the eyes tight, fresh and beautiful.

Choose your contour care today to regain your self-esteem and confidence. You can view all facial care products from Imperium Est here.