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Which foods keep our skin healthy and glowing during summer?

Summer is a season awaited by everyone. A season where we enjoy warm weather and vacations. But as well as pros, this season has its cons. During the summer season, the skin becomes very susceptible to additional oiliness, loss of hydration, and important vitamins. In addition to good skincare, with the right cosmetics, which we must not miss this season, regularly applying sunscreen to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful rays, it is also important to eat the right food that will not oil our skin further and will nourish it with vitamins. In this article, we have collected foods that are good to eat often in summer for glowing and healthy skin.


Undoubtedly, summer is the season when fruits are most often consumed. The rich selection of seasonal fruits, in most cases, replaces the favorite dessert after dinner. Here are the fruits that have a beneficial effect on the skin:

1. Watermelon – one of the most common summer fruits. Watermelon’s high

water content helps keep the skin hydrated. In addition, this fruit is rich in vitamin C, which is also an important vitamin for healthy and glowing skin. Rich in antioxidants, watermelon slows down aging and keeps the skin young.

2. Kiwi – this green fruit has similar effects on the skin as watermelon. Rich in vitamins, kiwi also slows down aging and gives the skin a radiant look when consumed regularly.

3. Cherries – the high content of vitamin B in cherries help to keep cells alive and renew them. Regular consumption of cherries helps the skin recover faster and prevents it from looking tired.

3. Blueberries – one of the favorite ingredients for summer fruit salad. This seemingly small fruit is very rich in vitamins that maintain the youthful appearance of cells, speed up the production of collagen and give the skin a radiant look.


Both fruits and vegetables have vitamins that help keep skin looking good. Summer is the season for salads, and here are which vegetables are good to eat this season:

1. Tomatoes – the king of salads in summer. Tomato is one of the most common salad ingredients during the summer season. The ingredients found in tomatoes help protect the skin from harmful sun rays and actively fight against the appearance of acne, which is a common problem during hot days.

2. Spinach – With its powerful antioxidant action, spinach takes its place on this list. This vegetable is quite effective in the fight against wrinkles and fine lines. With its rich vitamin content, spinach effectively helps tighten the skin and flush out toxins.

3. Carrots – similar to the effect of spinach, carrots also quickly remove toxins from the body and prevent rapid aging of the skin.


Apart from fruits and vegetables, regular water intake also plays an 

important role in the skin. Due to the high temperatures in summer, the body loses water very quickly, which leads to dehydration. This also affects the skin, as it becomes dry and begins to crack and crumble. To avoid this effect it is very important to take a good amount of water per day. The optimal amount of water that should be taken per day is between 2-2.5 l. This maintains the water level in the body and protects against troubles and skin problems.

These were the foods that are good to eat in summer for glowing and healthy skin. Maintaining the youthful appearance of the skin lies not only in the cosmetics we use but also in how we take care of our bodies. Regular hydration of the body with water is also key for the hot season. Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables, apart from having a beneficial effect on the skin, will also keep your body healthy. For an even more beneficial effect on the skin, rely on Imperium Est body cosmetics. With ranges suitable for every age and skin, this summer your body and face will be nourished and radiant, thanks to the natural ingredients found in the products. Pay attention to your skin this season too, for a glamorous look that catches the eye.