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Where time stops – Cinque Terre

When we talk about Italy, we cannot fail to mention the beauty that can be found in every corner of the country. There is almost no place that does not enchant its visitors with its unique views, amazing nature, or beautiful architecture. One of those places that are hard to believe really exists is the Cinque Terre area. It is located in northwestern Italy, south of Genoa, in the Liguria region. Every year, up to 2 and a half million tourists come to visit this area and walk among the mystical villages.

Over the centuries, locals have built terraces on harsh land. All of them look at the Ligurian Sea and little by little form the unique view that we are talking about today. Railway, hiking trails, and boats connect the five villages, and, to this day, road transport is not possible on narrow mountain roads. However, this makes the area even more attractive for tourists who want to escape from everyday life and enjoy their vacation without traffic noise.

This incredible beauty is created by five quiet fishing villages that are becoming one of the most famous coastal landscapes in the world. It is difficult to put into words exactly how beautiful the Cinque Terre area is, but in this article, we will at least try.

Colorful houses, as if perched on a rock, green hiking trails, and beautiful blue bays along the Ligurian Sea – it is clear why this is one of the most famous destinations in Europe. Cinque Terre is not only an Italian pride but also a real European pearl, which attracts millions of tourists to visit every year. Today the area is a national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is the smallest and oldest national park in Italy. It is located on only 38 square meters but manages to fill every inch of them with its beautiful nature. In such a small space there is a mixture of rock formations, beautiful bays with crystal clear waters, terraced vineyards, and olive groves,

Cinque Terre

interconnected by a network of hiking trails that can be bypassed.

Cinque Terre is often considered one place, but in fact, it is a section of the Italian Riviera, consisting of five separate villages, which represent the Five Lands, translated from Italian. Each of them has its own charms and individual character. However, they are united by the unique architecture of the houses, falling on the slopes, and facing the sea.

Riomaggiore is the southernmost village of Cinque Terre. It gets its name thanks to the characteristic towers built along the Rio River. It is also the largest of the five villages and serves as a starting point for the other four. Today, Riomaggiore is also one of the most overcrowded villages in the region, known for its pastel houses on the steep slope.

Manarola is a village known for its colorful houses perched on the rocky shores, as well as for wine production. Picturesque trails lead to local vineyards and olive groves that are worth exploring.

Cornelia is probably the oldest of the five villages and is also known for its wine and agricultural products. Access to it is more challenging –

everyone must climb to Lardarina more than 300 steps to enjoy the views of this village.

Vernazza is also the only settlement with a natural harbor in Cinque Terre. Old boats moored near houses are a picture that stays in mind for a long time. There is no car traffic in the center of this small village, and the peace is captivating. It is easy to enjoy the pastel houses that face the water.

Monterosso is divided into an old and new part of the village with a small tunnel of about 100 meters that connects them. It was once accessible only by water and isolated from the rest, but in the 1800s a railway was built leading there.

All five villages are connected by both history and unique architecture. When you arrive in Cinque Terre, it will be difficult to choose your favorite place, but what you must do is at least try, touring all the “Five Lands”, enjoying the colorful views and incredible energy.