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Verona – the city of love and wine

It is hard not to make an association with love and wine when you hear about Italy. In the month of love, we will introduce you to the center of love and wine in Italy – Verona. It is a city that you fall in love with right away, whether you are looking for information about it or reading some interesting stories before you visit it. Verona is one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Italy. It distinguishes itself from the bustling cultural centers, with an atmosphere of coziness and tranquility, drifting from the narrow streets, small cafes, and fragrant pastry shops, and last but not least – fine wines. Its charm lies behind its name, continues with the rich history behind it, and reaches the mystique and the many landmarks it hides. In the following lines, a virtual tour of the city of love and wine awaits you. This tour will make you touch the essence of Verona, and you will want to visit it if you have not already done so.

Verona is a city in the Veneto region, founded in the IV century BC. with a  rich history behind it. Many remains from Roman times can be seen there, as well as a large number of monuments from ancient times, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance. We can talk a lot about the city’s history. About the sights and monuments as well, but in the month of love and wine, we will emphasize the last in the article.

Thousands of tourists visit Verona every year, mainly because of the world-famous Shakespearean tragedy – Romeo and Juliet, whose action takes place in the city. A story for impossible love, between two lovers who come from Montecchi and Capuleti families,  sworn enemies. Have you heard of it? You most definitely had. And since we have a separate article, in which we will share with you about Juliet’s house, we will not go into details here.

We will tell you only the most important and intriguing. It is Shakespeare’s play that turns Verona into a center of love. That’s why when you hear about the two lovers – Romeo and Juliet, you immediately make an association with the city.

Next, we put Juliet’s house, for which we will also have a separate article. It is one of the most famous attractions in Verona, where tourists come every year to leave signs of their love for good fortune.

Another interesting fact is that there is a belief that anyone who touches the right breast of Juliet’s bronze statue in her house, he or she will be struck by the good fortune of love.

Romeo’s house is also located in Verona, although much less known to tourists than Juliet’s. However, it is not open to the public.

Apart from Shakespeare’s romance, Verona is undoubtedly known for its mass production of wine – an element that characterizes Italy as a whole. The city is full of vineyards dating back to Roman times. And when we talk about wines, we can’t help but mention the biggest wine exhibition

in the country – VinItaly, which takes place in Verona. You can usually visit it in March or April. And when you’re there… the atmosphere of Verona will completely engulf you, immersing yourself in the wine world, while you are enjoying great presentations of Italian wines, tickling your senses with unique flavors while tasting. And while you do, you can walk around the city sights. So, with a glass of good wine in hand, you can enjoy both its taste and aroma, and also the mystical and beautiful views of the city, studying the history and mysticism hidden behind it.

Extremely picturesque Verona, known as the center of love on the one hand, and on the other – known for its unique variety of wines, which you can pamper your senses, is not just a city, but a fairy tale. And in the month of love, we want to ask you – “Have you fallen in love at first sight?” If your answer is no, then visit Verona – there is no way not to experience this feeling. Verona is the city you will immediately fall in love with, because of the magnetism and energy that hover in the air and its history. The city of love and wine.