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Types of sunscreen products. Why it’s important to protect our skin from sunlight?

Summer is the period when the sun has the strongest impact on the Earth and us humans. The strong sun rays that we are exposed to every day have beneficial effects, like vitamin D, but they also have bad sides that harm our skin. In this article, we will present to you why it is important to protect our skin from these strong rays, how to protect it most effectively, and what types of sunscreen creams there are.

Why is it important to protect our skin from the sun?

The skin should be protected from the sun in every season. But especially in the summer, protection from these harmful rays of the sun is very important. Here are the problems that can be caused by not protecting the skin from the sun:

1. Sunburns – staying in the sun for a long time without sunscreen allows the sun’s rays to penetrate deep into our skin, which can lead to serious sunburns on the skin. It is a condition in which the skin becomes red and painful. This serious problem, not only causes a lot of pain but it also leads to the appearance of a number of other problems such as spots and


  1. Sunspots – when we are exposed to the sun for a long time, especially if the skin is burnt, sunspots appear. These spots are the result of pigmentation that occurs on the skin from the sun’s rays. This pigmentation leads to a difference in skin tone and thus results in spots on the skin that are darker than our skin.
  2. Wrinkles – strong sun damages skin cells and their DNA, causing collagen and elastin levels to decrease. This causes fine lines and wrinkles to appear.

How to protect our skin most effectively?

There are many ways to protect yourself from the sun. Here are some of them:

1. Regular application of a high-factor sunscreen – the role of sunscreens is to reflect the sun’s rays that try to penetrate our skin, so frequent application of this type of cream is particularly important to protect the skin.

2. Wear a hat – this stylish and preferred accessory for summer also has a rather significant effect. The shade caused by the hat protects the face from harmful rays and the eyes from the strong sun.

3. Wear glasses – glasses with a safety factor will protect the eyes and the delicate area around the eyes from harmful rays.

4. Try to be in the shade – summer, especially during the peak hours starting from noon to afternoon are the period when the sun shines the strongest. Try to avoid being outside during these hours, or at least not in direct sunlight.

Types of sunscreens

Sunscreen is key to protecting against the sun’s UV rays. It is preferable that it has at least 30 factors. The factor of this type of cream is an indicator of how long it protects the skin without being reapplied, but even with a high factor, it is recommended to apply it every 2 hours, and more often when sweating and bathing. There are different types of sun protection creams:

1. Cream – one of the most common types. This type is applied to the skin like a cream and absorbs quickly, creating a protective layer around the skin that aims to reflect the sun’s rays and prevent them from penetrating the skin.

2. Spray – also a widespread type. In this form, the application is facilitated, but you should be sure that every part of the body, that will be exposed to the sun, is covered.

3. Tinted sunscreen – designed primarily for the face, this type of sunscreen contains a light pigment that helps to even out the skin tone and cover imperfections.

These were our sun protection tips. The sun has a very strong influence on our skin, and regardless of the season, we must always protect ourselves from its harmful rays. Regular application of sunscreen is key to glowing and beautiful skin. Pay attention to the needs of your skin and protect it from the sun every day.