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The correct order to apply your body care products

We have already mentioned to you how important it is to follow a certain order for applying facial cosmetic products in order to achieve the desired effect. If you happened to miss this extremely useful information, you can check it here.

Today we will continue this topic, but this time, paying attention to the skin routine of your body. If you want to know which sequence you should follow during and after showering, continue reading our article.

During the shower

1. Exfoliation

It is very important to remove the dried dead skin. It’s also the first step you should start with when you go in to take a shower. To begin with, exfoliating the skin not only removes dead skin, leaving a soft touch but at the same time unclogs pores and prevents ingrown hairs from shaving.

We recommend you use the Imperium Est Body Scrub with Salt and Cannabis Oil, which is rich in vitamins and organic plant oils. With its help, you can perfectly exfoliate the whole body. In contact with water, the scrub turns into milk, which protects the skin from dryness and also supports the regeneration of epidermal cells.

2. Depilation

Now is the time to grab the shaving gel and razor. Once the dead skin is already removed, hair removal becomes easier and faster. Use shaving gel or foam because they don’t dry out the skin as much as soap and help the razor glide more easily.

3.Hair care

It’s time for the hair. Many people start with cleaning the body, but why it is better to leave it in the background, you will understand a little later.

For healthy and shiny hair, professionals recommend using cooler water. It gives the desired shine and protects against breakage and blooming. Before you start rubbing the shampoo into your scalp, let your hair soak for a minute. This helps make the products you use easier to absorb. Then massage your scalp with shampoo and apply a hair conditioner. Rinse well and step three is complete.

4. Body

Step four is body wash. Dermatologists say that washing it should be left until last because all the products we use leave their mark on it after

order to apply your body care products

rinsing. The use of shower gel or soap removes traces of previously used products and leaves the skin clean and ready for the post-bathing routine.

After shower

After the long shower, the skin care of the body continues. The two most common mistakes are quickly wiping water droplets from the body and putting on clothes. In the following lines, we will tell you exactly how you should treat your body after a shower.

1. Drying

The first step after a shower is to lightly dry with a towel. Do not rub the towel hard on the skin. This can lead to irritations. Instead, dry with light pats, without much pressure.

2. Body lotion

Follow up with a hydrating body lotion. This is key because in addition to adding extra hydration to your skin, the lotion will also retain the water molecules that remain in your skin after you shower. This results in longer-lasting hydration, radiant and soft skin.

3. Body oil

We move on to the third step, which is the application of body oil. With its quick absorption and lightweight formula, and thanks to an oil-richness, Imperium Est body oil from the Body Bliss series is suitable for all skin

types. It contributes to making it more elastic, and helps to regenerate epidermal cells. It has a toning effect and gives a tight and smoothed look.

4.Anti-cellulite gel

Regardless of age, most people have a problem with cellulite. Apart from frequent water drinking and exercise, anti-cellulite gels also, work well in fighting this skin condition. As the penultimate point of your body routine it is good to use such a gel.

Imperium Est modeling body gel has a high content of quality organic oils and a strong antioxidant effect. It eliminates toxins and gives a feeling of warm effect that reduces localized cellulite. It enhances the feeling of lightness in the legs and makes the skin more elastic and radiant.

5.Finish – deodorant and perfume

After a warm shower and a good body routine, it’s time for the perfect finish. Spray your favorite perfume on the areas behind the ears, on the wrists and the center of the torso. You’re now ready to get on with the rest of the day. Studies show that smelling good makes us feel more confident about ourselves.

The skin is the largest organ in the human body, and also the most visible. We need to take care of it as effectively as possible so that we not only look good, but also feel good.