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The "Gold" for Women

The Shea tree grows only in the African savannah, one of the poorest regions in the world. It is a wild tree that cannot be planted. But it is very resistant to drought and fires and lives several hundred years. Its name means “life” and is considered sacred. It bears fruit only in the 25th year, once every 3 seasons. Its walnuts contain nuts, which are extracted from the famous Shea butter. Walnuts are harvested and processed mainly by African women, often organized in a cooperative for the production and trade of this oil. About 16 million African women today live (or survive) from this harvest! production, handmade and absolutely true to tradition. Here’s how to perform the production of oil trucks in Burkinabe (Burkina Faso): once dialed, nuts from trucks are kept by a group of women from the surrounding villages. Once the entire crop has been harvested, it is sent to a production center, where the nuts are washed and dried using traditional technology before being ground in the mill. The resulting slurry was then compressed and filtered several times. The result is a high-quality organic Shea butter, naturally released from its characteristic sour smell and retaining the maximum of its assets, vitamins and virtues.

In addition to producing very good oil, these women have created an association that aims to help its members to improve their quality of life while also valorize the locality and their products and fight poverty in rural areas. This association unites more than 3,000 women, works to educate women in rural areas in literacy, healthcare or organic farming. It also provides them with the necessary material assistance and allows them access to drinking water by digging wells. Thus, the sale of Shea butter provides a significant source of income for women in the village, raising their prestige.
When we buy organic oils that have come from so far away in the world, let us think gratefully of the work of these people and be aware that by buying them we are helping their prosperity.
And as for the qualities of Shea butter – it’s wonderful! One of the most nourishing and multifunctional oil.
Yellow in color, with a sweet smell of seeds, with hints of almond, raw Shea butter is very rich in active ingredients that give it antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and even UV protection. This oil nourishes the skin in-depth, gives it elasticity, regenerates it in case of attack and has the ability to protect it from the harmful effects of the sun.