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Reborn Women – care for mature skin

Time is something we can’t stop, as well as the way it affects our body. We must accept that it is part of us, just as we are part of it.

With age, every woman becomes wiser, more purposeful, more aware. Beauty inside does not stop growing. It even develops more and more, as well as the outside. Over time, the cosmetics we use become extremely important, as well as their ingredients. In this article, we will talk about the term “mature skin” and how not to be afraid of it. We will also reveal some of the secrets of our products.

The term “mature skin” does not only refer to an old person’s skin. It can be characterized as a skin condition, that depends on various factors – internal

and external. As you can guess, internal factors relate to our physical condition and genetic predispositions. External factors, also known as exposure, are everything that is invisible and affects our skin – solar radiation, air pollution, weather conditions, diets, stress, sleep deprivation, tobacco smoke, etc. The combination of internal and external factors determines the type of our skin.

One of the main characteristics of mature skin is reduced functionality. This also contributes to the loss of its elasticity and tone. The skin itself has a slightly drier appearance. It is rough to the touch, and there are clear wrinkles, darker spots, and redness. All this should not scare us, on the

contrary. It should stimulate us to find the best and proper care for this skin type. The one that will hydrate the skin in depth. The one that will remove the feeling of tightness and will nourish our derma. And most importantly – care that will make us feel better in it. It is extremely important to pay special attention to our skin by “reviving” it like a phoenix from the ashes. It is the material temple that our soul inhabits. The more attentive and caring we are to it, the longer it will be thankful to us, and it will serve us faithfully.

Imperium Est’s Reborn series is specially developed to meet the needs of mature skin. It contains a variety of natural oils and extracts that help nourish the skin in-depth, reduce enlarged pores and redness, and also reduce the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes. We at Imperium Est know that the things that stay behind every product and its benefits are its ingredients. That is why we choose the best for ours, which will improve

both the natural elasticity of the skin and serve as protection against the external factors that we mentioned. Our list of ingredients includes almond butter, organic strawberry extract, shea butter, hemp oil, and more. They revitalize the skin and restore its softness and smoothness.

The product series consists of a total of six products that will take care of the mature skin on several levels. They will become an indispensable shield against the negative influences of external factors. The six main compounds of this shield are Reborn Day Cream, Reborn Night Cream, Reborn Regenerating Face Serum, Reborn Cleansing Gel, Reborn Eye Contour, Reborn Clay Face, and Neck Mask. Everyone contributes to the better feeling of mature skin and enriches the beauty ritual. You can find more about them here ->