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Reborn Men – an all masculine ritual

Facial skincare is usually associated with women and their vanity and pursuit of a better appearance. This is the understanding of the majority of the male audience – if something is related to cosmetics and creams, it automatically becomes a women’s thing. This understanding is filled with a lot of prejudice. It is also completely wrong. Skincare is as much for women as it is for men. If a man wants to look good, protect, nourish and hydrate his facial skin, that does not take away from their masculinity. On the contrary. A good appearance and a fresh and cheerful face can be a very effective tool in the world of deals. That is why men need to enrich their knowledge of cosmetics and take more care of themselves. This will certainly make them more likable, and it will inevitably lead to more success both personally and professionally.

We can say that a key moment in the care of men’s skin is the correct understanding of its needs and, according to them, selecting the most appropriate cosmetics. Through this article, we will pay attention to some of the essential aspects concerning men’s skin. We will also talk about the cosmetic series of Imperium Est – Reborn Men.
Each skin is specific in itself and has its own characteristics. Naturally, we start with the fact that men’s skin differs from women’s in several factors. The main reason for this is quite simple. It is because of the hormones. Testosterone largely determines the characteristics and structure of men’s skin. Therefore, in principle, it – both on the face and the body – is thicker, oilier, and ages differently. An interesting fact is that men’s skin is almost 20% thicker than women’s. The content of collagen in it is higher. 

Also, the presence of collagen in men’s skin decreases at a constant rate, not as in women, where after a certain age the effect is more noticeable. Another major difference is that men have more and larger sebaceous glands and pores than women. This is the reason why men’s skin is more oily and shiny. A factor that also affects men’s facial skin is regular shaving. This act of grooming makes the skin in this area much more sensitive and often leads to the formation of redness, dryness, and pimples.
Precisely because we understand all these features of men’s skin, we at Imperium Est have created our cosmetic series of Reborn Men products. They are designed for gentlemen who want to maintain their flawless appearance. It includes three products that address some of the main problems in men’s skin, creating the perfect ritual for its maintenance. Inspired by the concept of the four basic elements that make up the entire world of the ancient Greeks, we chose the element water to be the one that represents this series. Water connects with our subconscious and intuition. Water is the force that allows the elements to connect, merge, penetrate each other, and into each other. Thanks to this element we can connect knowledge with our life experiences and memories. Just like the Reborn Men series, which represents the power of knowledge about the 

necessary care for men’s skin. Products that include the series are Reborn Men Gel Cleanser, Reborn Men Beard Oil, and Reborn Men Hydrating Cream.

Reborn Men Gel Cleanser gently cleanses men’s skin without drying it out. This product is suitable for all skin types. It has a strong antioxidant and soothing effect. It fights actively against wrinkles, enlarged pores, and skin impurities.

Reborn Men Beard Oil nourishes, hydrates, moisturizes and helps maintain healthy-looking beards and skin. This product is enriched with various oils and vitamins that help make the beard look silky and shiny. It also facilitates its maintenance and shaping.

Reborn Men Hydrating Cream deeply moisturizes and has a calming effect. The special formula of this cosmetic product, which contains extracts of sweet oranges, rice, olive leaves, and others, tones and at the same time protects without clogging the pores.

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