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Protection of personal data

Privacy policy

Imperium Est LTD (hereinafter “Imperium Est” and / or “Administrator”) is a company registered in the Commercial Register of the Registry Agency with UIC BG205865800, with registered office and address of management:

Sofia 1434, zhk. St.Maria Magdalena № 4, e-mail: [email protected]

If you have any questions regarding personal data, you can contact our Data Protection Officer:

I.Our attitude to your personal data

Imperium Est attaches great importance to the protection of personal data and collects and processes personal data only in compliance with the requirements of local and European legislation. The purpose of this “Privacy Policy” is to inform you how we process your data and what personal data we would collect for you, for what purpose, term and resp. what are your rights.

The security of the data you entrust to us is very important to us. That is why we protect your data by applying all appropriate technical and organizational means at our disposal to prevent unauthorized access, unauthorized or malicious use, loss or premature deletion of information.

II.What information do we collect and why?

We may collect personal information about you when you use our Site or select our services. In most cases, we require your personal data for the purpose of concluding a contract, to comply with a legal obligation or to protect our legitimate interest. In some cases, when we process personal data, you provide us with this information yourself, choosing and agreeing to do so. Without this data, we would not be able to fulfill our commitments or provide the relevant services.

In carrying out our business, depending on the case, we may collect and process the following information about you:

General personal data to individualize you
  • The three names, unique civil number or personal number of a foreigner, permanent address (including for issuing an invoice).
To provide information related to our activity, promotion of our products, conclusion of contracts and their implementation:
  • Contact details – contact address, phone number and email address (email)
  • When registering on our site – username, password, email address (email)
  • Credit or debit card information, bank account number or other banking and payment information in connection with payments when purchasing online;
  • Letters and e-mails that we receive from you during our communication;
  • Data of children (name and date of birth) in order to provide special promotions and offers;
  • Other data that we may also collect about you are: IP address, demographic data and data provided when participating in special campaigns, games and raffles, organized by us, including through our social platforms.

III.Purpose of the processing of your data

We process the personal data we collect most often for the following purposes:

Data required for the conclusion or performance of a contract:
  • establishing the identity of the client through all trade channels;
  • preparation of offers, contracts and all other documents accompanying the contract. Management and execution of your orders;
  • delivery;
  • preparation of accounting documents such as an invoice for the purchased goods and used services;
  • providing comprehensive services, including electronically;
  • Notifications related to our products and services.
Data required to fulfill our regulatory obligation:
  • obligations provided for in the Accounting Act and the Tax and Social Security Procedure Code and other related normative acts, in connection with the maintenance of correct and lawful accounting;
  • obligations to provide information to all state commissions and regulatory bodies;
  • fulfillment of obligations in connection with the distance selling, the sale outside the commercial site, provided for in the Consumer Protection Act;
  • providing information to the court and law enforcement agencies.
Data based on your consent:
  • for direct marketing for our products and services.

IV.Who do we share your information with:

Imperium Est uses third parties to support certain contractual activities or in the performance of a legal obligation. We do not provide your personal data to third parties until we are sure that all technical and organizational measures have been taken to protect this data and we strive to exercise strict control over the implementation of this goal.

Some of the recipients of personal data can be:
  • delivery companies, courier companies, external consultants and specialists, collection companies and law firms, banks, security companies, persons who on assignment maintain equipment, software and hardware used for processing personal data by Imperium East, hosting companies and sales agents, etc.
The provision of personal data is in some cases mandatory in order to comply with our legal obligations, such as:
  • Regulatory bodies, incl. state commissions, institutions and agencies, NRA, NSSI, courts, prosecutor’s office, and others, to which we are in certain cases obliged to provide personal data under current legislation.

V.Use of cookies on the Site

Imperium East uses functional cookies on the Company’s website in relation to the location of users – country, region, time zone, IP address, as well as their interests in relation to the Company’s products.

VI.Processing of anonymized data

We process anonymized personal data for static purposes or marketing analysis, the results of which are summarized and the identification of a specific person is impossible – for example, for the preferences of a particular age group to a particular type of hygiene material.

VII.Automated algorithms

Imperium Est does not use automated decision-making tools within the meaning of current data protection legislation.


Imperium Est takes measures to protect personal data from accidental loss and unauthorized access, use, alteration or disclosure. There are policies and procedures designed to protect information from loss, misuse and unauthorized disclosure. In addition, we take additional measures in the company for information security, including access control, strict physical protection and reliable practices for collecting, storing and processing information.

On the other hand, we apply technical measures such as encryption, pseudonymization and anonymization of the collected personal data.

IX.Terms of data storage

We store all the information we have collected about you and destroy it within the statutory time limits, and if there is no such time within the time limits set by us – e.g. after the final settlement of all our financial relations. We do not keep your data indefinitely.

X.Transfer between countries

The transfer, storage and processing of personal data is provided with modern technical means. Imperium Est will not transfer your data outside the EEA without complying with legal possibilities, and will introduce appropriate safeguards to maintain the confidentiality of your information.

XI.Access, adjustments and withdrawals

You may at any time request Imperium Est to provide you with information about the personal data that is collected and stored for you. You may also request Imperium Est to correct, delete or update such personal data. Imperium Est also provides your right to object and limit the processing of personal data, as well as your rights in automated decision-making, if such is part of the company’s activities.

You may at any time withdraw your consent to the collection, storage and use of your personal data or that of your children with respect to Imperium Est. However, the withdrawal will not legally affect the data processed until the date of the withdrawal.

Some of your rights, such as deleting data or objecting to the processing, may be restricted by applicable law.

Requests for access to information or for correction are submitted personally or by a person expressly authorized by you, through an explicit written power of attorney. An application may also be submitted electronically, in accordance with the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act.

We would like to inform you that under the current legislation you have the right to complain about the way your data is processed to the supervisory body Commission for Personal Data Protection, Sofia 1592, Blvd. Tsvetan Lazarov ”№ 2 or

XII.Changes to this Privacy Policy

This data protection procedure may change over time. Such changes will take effect immediately after their announcement. Regularly reviewing our website guarantees that you will always be aware of what information we collect, how and for what purposes Imperium Est uses it and under what circumstances (if any) we will share it with other countries.