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Moral Letters to Lucilius. Pleasure and joy.

Letter 59.

Following letter 39 and the emphasis we placed there, namely on virtue, which we recall is a key ingredient on the path to personal development, it is time to turn the page to letter 59 and introduce you to the next important point that we need to focus on, and work on every morning when you open your eyes. Have you heard that the day will be as it began? Have you heard how important it is to be charged, just when your new day starts? Yes, and this is no accident. In this article, we will reveal to you why it is important to be positive, happy, and full of positive energy, as well as why pleasure and joy are some of the most important states of mind that we should strive for every day.

The truth is that nowadays, we often think that a lot of happiness is not good. You remember the phrase that says you shouldn’t be very happy, because after every good came evil, right? Well, a completely wrong cliché! Unfortunately, however, often memorized subconsciously by us, preventing us from feeling free and enjoying the good moments. We often think that we do not deserve great happiness. We often fear that if we indulge in the pleasure of the moment, then we will be disappointed. We are afraid of the good, we run away from happiness … This is our mistake. It is time to say goodbye to these clichés, to face the fear caused by them, to open our arms wide, and to embrace the opportunity to be happy.

pleasure and joy

As Seneca says, “I will teach you how to know that you are not wise. The wise man is full of joy, cheerful, calm, unperturbed, lives like a god. Now observe yourself: if you are never sad, no hope worries you with anticipation for the future, if day and night the content of your cheerful and self-satisfied soul is constant and unchanged, you will reach the pinnacle of human good.

The conclusion we can draw is that the key to our true success and freedom, spiritual and physical, is the truly experienced joy of life. There are so many reasons to be happy, to feel the joy of an adventure called life, just look around. He seeks the true happiness hidden in the little things, not the superficial, which satisfies the soul only for a short time. Find the answers in philosophy, find them in wisdom, because the truly joyful man is the wise man. And do not forget about the most important ingredient – virtue, because only truly good people are happy, because happiness arises from the consciousness of virtue.

If you do not carry virtue with you, if you do not enjoy the really small things in life, if you do not allow yourself to be free, then you cannot be happy and experience the joy of life. If you succumb to anger, fear, evil, they will eat you to the core, they will wash away everything positive in your mind, they will destroy the power of the spirit in you, they will stop the life flow of happiness and satisfaction inside you.

So live every day with a smile! In this way, you will be a charge not only of yourself but also of the whole world around you. You will change everything and everyone. And don’t forget, when you wake up tomorrow, do it with a smile!