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Milan – the capital of fashion and shopping

When we talk about Italy, what comes to mind is the Renaissance, delicious food and wine, and a subtle thought of the small romantic streets of every city. Or the incredible architecture and the many great artists that the state has given birth to over the centuries. The associations with which we connect Italy are undoubtedly many and varied in each of us. But there is no denying it. Some associations fit in the minds of everyone who hears this name. You may already be guessing that these are unusual Italian cities.

In today’s article, we will walk you through the Mecca of fashion. We will introduce you to the various historical and cultural attractions of one of the most beautiful cities in Italy – Milan. We will immerse you in the capital of fashion and shopping, taking you to the world-famous streets, where millions of people from all over the world share a favorite pleasure – shopping.

Let’s first go back in time. There we will find out more information about the city’s name. Milan has not always been called that. In fact, its old name is Mediolanum, which translated from Latin means “in the middle of the plain”. The intriguing thing here is that this is just one of the theories about the city’s name, but it is the most widespread and well-known. But no matter what it’s called, we love it.

Let’s come to our days and start the walk through the beauty of Milan. The first stop on our journey is the Duomo, or as it is also called – the Cathedral of Milan. As the most emblematical place, the Duomo has become a city’s symbol. It was built by Gian Galeazzo Visconti in a very Gothic style. The building was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and in particular – her birth. With its beautiful decorations and stained glass windows, the Cathedral of Milan is a must-see destination for every visitor.

We continue the tour with the covered shopping center – Gallery Vittorio Manuele. In it are all the shops of the highest class, which are located in a beautiful palace from the XIX century, whose roof is glass and the floor – an incredibly impressive mosaics. One of the most impressive things about the gallery is the bull depicted on the floor, under the dome. There is a belief that if you turn three times on the heel, on the worn-out place, this will bring good luck to you. Are you in a hurry to visit the gallery already?

We cannot fail to mention Sforzesco Castle. Known as one of the largest castles in Europe, it has always served as a military citadel. This place is evenly loved and hated by the citizens because it has always been associated with war, pain, and sorrow. But there is no denying that Sforzesco Castle is majestic and curious for many tourists.

But why Milan is the capital of fashion and shopping remains to be seen. Several destinations make Milan a city that dictates all fashion trends. Those who gather all world-famous brands in one place and leave there empty-handed, mission impossible. One of the most famous places and our next stop, where luxury is the only environment around you, is the Golden Quadrangle. It is so named because it is formed by four

different streets – Sant Andrea, Montenapoleone, Borgospeso, and Della Spiga. Here are the branded shops and boutiques of all fashion houses. You can find a variety of fine jewelry, studios of various designers, furniture stores, and other luxury items. The term “golden” comes from the interesting fact that the place gives the feeling that everything in this area shines. Amazing, don’t you agree?

If you are not one of the biggest fans of luxury brands, then we will walk you through some intriguing streets in Milan. These are Buenos Aires, Turin Ticino, and Vittorio Emanuele, where you can find not very expensive stores of famous fashion brands. But it’s a good idea to spend almost all day with them, as Buenos Aires is one of the longest streets in Europe and you can spend hours there.

These are just some of the extraordinary cultural attractions of Milan and the activities it offers. The city has absorbed a lot of history and beauty that can not be described in words. It is a must-see! Do not stop following the blog of Imperium Est., and the profiles on our social networks to learn more about the country of the Renaissance – Italy.