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Milan Cathedral – history and interesting facts

As we have said many times – Italy is love, Italy is a mystery, Italy is a dream. It does not matter how much we talk about Italy. It will never be enough because it is an infinity of history and beauty. However, we boldly continue our column dedicated to Italy and our attempt to introduce the country you to it. In the month when we will celebrate Easter, we decided to introduce you to one of the most famous cathedrals in Italy – the Milan Cathedral.

Аs the name implies, the Milan Cathedral is located in Milan, the heart of Italy, and more precisely on the central square – Piazza del Duomo. Its history takes us to many centuries ago. Its construction began in the distant 1386. and lasted until 1805. And in 1805, on May 26, in the cathedral King Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned.  Also, an interesting fact is that the Milan Cathedral is dedicated to the Nativity of the Mother of God.

And moving smoothly from history to architecture, we can say that it turns it into a real masterpiece… Extremely impressive in the cathedral is its architecture and the mixture of architectural styles, which is because it was built over several centuries. White marble was used in its construction, and it is basically Gothic in architectural style, although it has highly recognizable elements typical of Baroque, Neo-Classics, and Neo-Gothic. Milan Cathedral is one of the most famous temples in the world. It is the second-largest Catholic cathedral in Italy, the largest Gothic in the world, and the most famous and iconic building in Milan.

And in addition to centuries of history and unique architecture, the Milan Cathedral can impress you with several interesting facts. It covers an area of ​​11,700 square meters and can accommodate up to 35,000 / 40,000 people.

Milan Cathedral

As mentioned above, it is the second-largest Catholic church in the world, and its height reaches over 105 meters. And did you know that over 3,300 statues adorn it? These statues are different in appearance and design – saints, towers, and fountains. The cathedral facade is covered with various engraved architectural elements such as fruits and flowers. On the highest tower of the cathedral stands a golden figure called “Little Madonna” and it depicts the Virgin Mary. There is something very curious behind this interesting fact. Until 1960, the tower with the statue of Madonna was the highest point in the city. And since traditionally no building in the city should rise higher than this tower, in 1960, when the Pirelli building was built, a small copy of the statue was placed on top of the building, with the message that the highest point will continue to belong to the Virgin Mary.

When we talk about a temple, we immediately think of bells. An interesting thing here is, that when you look at the cathedral, you will get the impression that there are no bells. However, the truth is that the bells are there, but they are not visible. To preserve the architecture of the

building by avoiding the vibrations of bells ringing, they are heard only several times a year. Аnother remarkable part of the temple worth mentioning is the “Meridian” – a sundial with the signs of the Zodiac.

An intriguing belief is, that in the Cathedral of Milan, a nail from the Cross is being kept. To be exact, it is one of the three nails that pierced Jesus’ hands.

Another interesting fact is that most of the main streets in the city reach or go around Milan Cathedral.

Centuries of history, an architectural masterpiece, and a mixture of styles, mystery, mysticism, and mystery, all in one place – Milan Cathedral. One of the most emblematic and famous buildings in the whole of Italy. A country that will always remain one of the most popular tourist destinations among travelers.

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