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The mysticism behind Venice

What is the first thing you imagine when you hear the name “Venice”? Italy, romance and love, the city on the water, the Grand Canal, the Bridge of Sighs, or just good wine and old history. Any of the above, and even something different, because Venice is vast and there are many things, that you can associate it with, we will agree on one thing – it is a Mystic. In the line below, we will talk more about some features that make it so different and unique from the rest of the cities.

First of all, purely geographically it is already winning our hearts with its mystery. Venice consists of more than 100 individual islets crossed by canals. You can cross them by boat or using the numerous bridges typical of Venice.

Secondly, Venice differs in the lack of car traffic – a place where you can relax from the pollution, that we are used to. Its narrow streets are super fabulous and mysterious.

There is also the narrowest street in the world – called Valletta or Ramo Varisco, only 53 cm. wide.

Thirdly, the city falls asleep early, the nightlife is not typical of this part of Italy. But the city is uniquely fabulous and beautiful at night. The street lights combined with the stars in the sky and the fog over the canals are why Venice is considered one of the most romantic and mystical cities in the world.

Fourth, Venice is colorful and aristocratic.

The carnival of Venice, the Doge’s Ball, as well as the Masquerade Candlelight Ball, make Venice an even more attractive, mystical, interesting, and different destination than the rest of the world.

So, whether we are talking about geography, infrastructure, lifestyle, social life, etc., with all of the above you can understand and be convinced of one thing – Venice is a mystic! Venice is different from all the other cities. It inspires, it has its own different beauty, namely behind its mystique lies its charm.