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Be Bright – care for younger skin

Youth. This is the period of carefreeness in the life of every person. The period that either we are still experiencing now, looting with full hands, or we remember it with nostalgia. During this period, we often perceive trouble as something that happens to everyone else, but not to us. We rarely pay attention to what we should and should not do because we want to try everything. We rely on time without realizing that it is slowly but surely running without waiting for us. And the consequences of the decisions taken sooner or later become tangible.

Through this article, we will try to reach the simple truth that daily care for our skin is essential, regardless of age, and we will also tell a little more about the products of Imperium Est.

Of course, when we are young our skin looks well maintained and beautiful with almost no effort on our part. Well, there are exceptions, related to adolescent dermatological conditions such as acne, but this is a separate topic that we will not dive into. Mostly young skin looks vibrant and supple. In the article for Reborn, we told you that the condition of the skin is determined by internal and external factors. While we are young, the internal ones are not so tangible, but during this time we are actively influenced by the external ones. Solar radiation, air pollution, climatic conditions, diets, stress, sleep deprivation, tobacco smoke – these are all external factors that can lead to premature loss of skin function. That’s why even minimal care is needed for young skin.

And yet you should not overdo it and go to extremes. In an effort to keep their skin younger and more beautiful, some girls are starting to use rejuvenating cosmetics and even those with anti-aging effects, designed for women over 30. Instead of helping, this has the opposite effect, because young and healthy skin still functions well. This type of “help” would slow down the natural activity of the skin and would also lead to premature aging.

That is why a proper understanding of the characteristics of each skin is essential for finding and applying the most appropriate care for it. The one that will contribute to its preservation over time. Because the choices we make today inevitably reflect on our future. Making rational and informed decisions is essential, regardless of our age.

Imperium Est’s Be Bright Collection is designed specifically for younger skin. As the skin structure changes over time, the gentle formula of the Be Bright products is designed to prepare the skin for what lies ahead.

Normally, here too, the natural ingredients used play a central role in the beneficial effects. Some of them are soybean oil, fresh aloe vera juice, extracts of Indian fig and olive leaves, and many others. Soybean oil helps regenerate cells. It contains high levels of vitamin E, which is a great antioxidant. Aloe vera contains vitamins A, C, and E, which further nourish and restore the skin. Indian fig oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid, and unsaturated fatty acids, which give a healthy and fresh look to the skin. The list of properties and beneficial effects of the natural ingredients is long.

The arsenal of the Be Bright Collection includes five products – BE BRIGHT Moisturizing Day Cream, BE BRIGHT Nourishing Night Cream BE BRIGHT Regenerating Face Serum, BE BRIGHT Eye Contour, BE BRIGHT Clay Face, and Neck Mask. They will provide comprehensive care for younger skin. Find out more about them here -> https://bit.ly/3LoxJyV.