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Is there a difference between men’s and women’s facial cosmetics?

Whether you are a man or a woman, nowadays, taking time for skin care is extremely important and key to looking good. All of us have had periods where we spend a long time on the internet or in the store, choosing the best product for our skin. Well, for men, we can say that they have a little easier time choosing cosmetics. Long walks around the store in search of the ideal product are not characteristic of the male audience, but this definitely does not mean that proper skin and face care is not important for them.

We’ve all come across cosmetic series designed specifically for men by our favorite cosmetic brand. Is there really a difference between the products intended for different genders? Yes! One of the biggest differences is the scent. While male cosmetics have a stronger and more saturated aroma, for the female the emphasis is mainly on fruity and floral ones. The composition of the products is quite similar, but the influence differs. Men’s cosmetics put more emphasis on unclogging pores and preventing acne. For women, the main goal is hydration and giving a radiant look. This is because men’s and women’s skin are different, so the care that is taken cannot be the same. In the following lines, you will find the main differences between the skins of the two genders:

1. Thickness

Dermatologists have found that men’s skin is 25% thicker than women’s. This is precisely one of the reasons for the difference in the formation of wrinkles.

2. Separation of sebum

You may notice that men’s skin appears slightly oilier compared to women’s. The reason for this is that men’s pores are larger. The secretion of sebum is twice as much as the women’s. It is precisely for this reason that men age slower. For ladies, with each passing year, oiliness decreases. This leads to a faster wrinkles appearance.

3. Facial hair

The most visible difference, of course, is the facial hair. The testosterone content of the stronger gender leads to this significant difference. In particular, shaving is of great importance in skin care. Constant depilation of the facial area leads to frequent irritations and dryness.

4. Hydration

Having higher levels of lactic acid in sweat makes men’s skin appear more hydrated. This acid acts as a natural moisturizer and helps retain moisture in the skin.

Here are some key tips for good skin care.

For men:

1. They should regularly use facial cleansing gel. As already mentioned, men have more pores, which leads to more sebum production.

With our special series Reborn Man Gel Cleanser with Cannabis Oil, you don’t have to worry about enlarged pores. The formula is suitable for any skin type and, besides cleaning, it also actively fights against the appearance of wrinkles.

2. After cleansing, it is important that the skin of the male face is well hydrated in order to look healthier and more radiant.

Reborn Men Gel Cleanser with Cannabis Oil deeply moisturizes the face, slows down aging, tones, and has a soothing effect.

3. Let’s not forget about one of the most important “accessories” of men, namely their beards. It is often neglected, but proper care results in a healthy beard that looks good and catches the eye.

Our Reborn Man Beard Oil is a perfect choice for a softening effect. Its oil-rich formula gives a shiny and silky look to the beard and also makes it easy to style.

For the ladies:

1. Hydration is key not only for men but also for women. Using this type of product reduces the dryness that can lead to acne, redness, and irritation.

The hydrating day face cream, from our Be Bright series, makes the skin 

more elastic, healthy, and young. It is rich in oils, vitamins, and fruit extracts. Slows down aging and protects against many external factors such as dirty air and solar radiation.

2. The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and prone to the rapid formation of wrinkles, undereye bags, and dark circles. Therefore, incorporating an eye cream into your daily routine can do wonders.

Be Bright Eye Contour will be your best friend in the fight against wrinkles, dark circles, and bags. The formula, which is suitable for all skin types, has an antioxidant effect against stress and fatigue. The product reduces all visible problems, leaving the skin fresh and firm.

3. In addition to daily facial care, it is very important to apply face masks often. Thanks to them, the skin of the face tightens and acquires a more radiant appearance.

The Be Bright Face and Neck Mask has a purifying and whitening effect. In addition, it also has a regenerating effect, which has a beneficial effect on irritated areas of the skin.

Regular facial care creates a feeling of confidence and comfort. Rely on quality products and the right routine to be radiant and ready for every new day.