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Good stories are not just written in the books. Imperium Est cosmetics can also tell a beautiful story, accessible for anyone.

The list of natural ingredients in our products resembles an exciting travelogue of destinations – near and far; our cosmetic formulas are reminiscent of haiku dedicated to beauty; while our innovative, eco-friendly glass bottles look as if they have come out of a futuristic novel.

But the most important, never-ending theme in our cosmetic stories is cleanness. We, at Imperium Est, hold on to full transparency and ethical relations with you, our clients – we do not hide information about the content of our products, we do not use dangerous, health-threatening components, we do not exploit the environment or hide behind vague, pseudo-scientific phrases.

We are convinced this: Cosmetic care cannot be a compromise; therefore, we do not want you to choose between health and beauty.

We use only biocompatible ingredients in all Imperium Est lines so that your skin can accept and absorb them, it will process and use them for its own benefit, without being stressed or reacting with hypersensitivity or irritation. You will have access – at any time on our site – to detailed information about carefully selected plants and substances, their specific properties, and benefits.

In our products, you will find neither alcohol, for it kills the building blocks of cell membranes, nor sulfates, parabens, pesticides, genetically modified products, or animal products. We have also turned our backs on those substances, the extraction of which leads to mass deforestation.

Imperium Est was born with the idea that inner beauty should match the outer appearance.

This is why we have considered using ecological packages.

We are aware of the fact that the beauty industry produces over 120 billion packages a year, but only a tiny fraction of them are being recycled. We promised ourselves we will not build another mountain of plastic. For a long time, we have been thinking about what should our response to pollution be. That is how we created our innovative Airglass Slim Refill bottle with a replaceable refill, which can be used over and over again. The intelligent way to leave a big mark in life, but a small imprint on nature.

Every decision, no matter how hard or easy it was, brought us closer to the idea of pure cosmetics. Today, Imperium Est is an emanation of this modern philosophy. A symbol of the refined care of individual beauty, which naturally an elegantly combines with the united zeal for a better life with better quality.