The components of the AIRGLASS SLIM REFILL 50, 30 & 15 ml can be easily separated and differentiated by the material.

AIRGLASS  SLIM REFILL is the perfect packaging solution to help the environment.

Buy, recycle, refill… repeat!

Airglass Slim Refill concept


Ideal for beauty product:

  • Face Cream *Face Mask *Serum
  • Body oil *Foundation
  • Highlighter *Styling Hair Cream


  • 100% recyclable glass
  • Slim & ergonomic design
  • Reuse & refill concept
  • Value for money

Benefit of Airless technology

  • Less waste
  • No Contamination & AIR: it lengthens the product life, particularly for natural and sensitive formulations
  • Precise dosage: the formula is dispensed in any position with a regular dosage