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How to cultivate a positive mindset with the onset of spring

The onset of spring has always brought the pleasant feeling of starting something new, something better. The world around us is changing, becoming somehow more colorful, more beautiful – trees and shrubs are ready for a new life, covered with delicate flowers, animals are waking up, the sky is crystal blue, rainy days are quiet and pleasant, the sun smiles more and more often, illuminating us, and the days are getting longer, warmer, sunnier. Spring implies freshness, color, inspiration, and a positive mood. In this article, we will emphasize the positive attitude that we must cultivate, deep inside, in tune with the onset of the spring season.

It seems so logical that spring and all of the above should have a positive effect on us, but this is not always the case, as the truth is that spring also negatively affects many people. In this regard, you may have heard many

opinions from psychologists that spring often brings with it a negative change in us – more frequent fatigue, lack of energy, or bad mood. These symptoms are known as spring asthenia. The reason for this condition usually lies in our difficulty in adapting to seasonal changes. And since the reasons for this are due to factors related to the neurochemical process, we will not cover this topic here. Here we will pay attention to the positive details and things that spring brings us, and how important it is to learn to look at them, to welcome and accept them in our lives, to pay attention only to them, so that the only thing to feel with the beginning of this flower season, to be a positive RESTART. To cultivate a positive attitude in yourself, strengthening the hormone of happiness, we have taken care to present you with some tips. And here they are – the tips that will help you achieve

exactly these positive results, to give a chance to positivism to embrace you.

First of all, it is mandatory to avoid the enclosed spaces where you are used to spending time during the autumn and winter seasons. The days are already longer, warmer, and full of life – enjoy them to the fullest. Indulge in pleasant walks in nature or the nearest park, in the company of loved ones. Because we all know that the greenery, the birds, the sun, which caresses us gently, and the whole spring atmosphere, strengthens the hormone of happiness in us, which in itself leads to an increase in our positive attitude.

Secondly, you need to motivate yourself. As mentioned above, with the onset of spring, characteristic symptoms such as fatigue and loss of energy are often observed, and this leads to the generation of lower motivation in general. That is why it is extremely important to motivate yourself so that you can overcome the feeling of fatigue and reluctance. Motivation itself also leads to an increase in the hormone of happiness, as it is directly related to our self-esteem. And to achieve this effect, we advise you to start some interesting activity that you have always

dreamed of, but for some reason, you always procrastinate, or just focus on your hobbies.

Third, we advise you not to underestimate sleep. Since the body has to regain its balance when adapting to the new season, sleep is a very important factor here. It is in the spring that you should forget about the long intervals spent sleeping, as well as sleeping for several hours. It is extremely important to sleep between 7 and 8 o’clock.

Fourth, we advise you to exercise more. Regular and moderate exercise leads to increased production of endorphins in our bodies. In this way, you are guaranteed to increase your sense of motivation and mood.

And since it is extremely important to be positive and happy, but at the same time we should not ignore the negative influences caused by the difficult adaptation for all to change the seasons, we wanted to give you some easy tips on how to deal with spring asthenia both fast and easy, but also fun. And don’t forget to be happy. Celebrate spring, as you do every day, always looking at life through the positive side of the window.