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How is the face serum different from other nourishing products?

Choosing the cosmetic products to implement in our daily beauty routine can sometimes prove to be mission impossible. There are already so many different options on the market that sometimes confuse our choices more than they make it easier. We are sure that you have at least once felt a little worried, standing in front of the counter with different cosmetics brands and reading each label from end to end.

To dispel the feeling of self-doubt about your knowledge of cosmetic products, today we’re going to turn our attention to a small bottle of beauty maintenance formula – the face serum.

Let’s start from the beginning, which is what this product actually is.

The main thing you need to know about a face serum is that it is a cosmetic formula, which contains a high concentration of active ingredients that target specific problems and needs of a certain skin type. It usually has a light texture. It penetrates through the pores in the form of microparticles, thereby supporting the regenerative functions of skin cells. Also, the serum

is absorbed extremely quickly because it does not contain fat, unlike most moisturizing products. Instead, it contains a cocktail of additional nutrients such as vegetable oils, vitamin C, extracts, and more that protect the face from the harmful effects of the environment. Unlike the molecules of creams, those of serum are much smaller and penetrate deep. Thus, its active ingredients manage to restore or protect the skin from numerous problems such as premature aging, dehydration, and hyperpigmentation.

Another major difference between a serum and a face cream is rooted in the percentage of active ingredients. Those in creams are much less than those in serums. Also, the effect of the cream is limited to the outer layer of the skin, while that of the serum reflects on its deepest layers. This is also the reason why they have a much stronger effect. That’s why the cream is more suitable for daily care, while the serum offers intensive care, suitable for removing blemishes and spots, as well as equipping the signs of age.

Apart from dealing with various problems, adding a face serum to your

face serum

beauty rituals would have an overall beneficial effect. Its effect is visible for several days. Does not leave an oily film on the skin and does not clog pores. The strong concentration of active substances and small molecules ensures that every single useful ingredient will be fully utilized. The product itself is extremely economical because only a few drops are applied to the face and neck. Serums can be used by ladies of any age. It is applied to the skin after it has been thoroughly washed and cleaned. For its molecules and particles with active ingredients to have maximum effect, it needs to be left to work. This means that you have to wait at least 5 minutes before applying the cream.

The choice of facial serum should be tailored to the skin type. If you need more information about different skin types, you can read our article on the subject. It is recommended that it has pure and natural ingredients that will not cause allergies or damage the skin but will contribute to its natural recovery. Such are the products of the Italian cosmetic brand Imperium Est. In its two series, Be Bright and Reborn, you can find a face serum.

Be Bright Repair Face Serum – Be Bright Face and Neck Serum is suitable for normal, dry, and sensitive skin. It has a moisturizing and nourishing effect. It also soothes irritated or damaged skin. It is useful for areas affected by eczema or psoriasis. It promotes collagen production and effectively fights wrinkles. Thanks to the face and neck serum, the skin is elastic, hydrated, and soft.

Reborn Regenerating Face Serum – Reborn Face Serum with Cannabis Oil is suitable for all skin types. It has a beneficial effect on irritation and exhaustion from external factors. The rich content of vitamin E and polyunsaturated acids in Cannabis oil contributes to this. This product deeply hydrates and soothes. The serum revives, regenerates, and strengthens the skin of the face.

Give the skin of your face a cocktail of useful ingredients that will make it soft, smooth, and radiant. Find all Imperium Est products here.