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How exactly does Cannabis sativa seed oil benefit skin health?

If you have some questions about Cannabis Sativa oil, you’re not alone. Don’t worry – we’re here to answer all your frequently asked questions about hemp seed oil.

What is Cannabis Sativa seed oil?

Cannabis Sativa seed oil is derived from the hemp plant, also known as cannabis sativa. Hemp plants are different from other types of cannabis because of their very low THC content — less than 0.3%.

The oil is extracted by cold pressing hemp seeds. Cold-pressed hemp oil provides more benefits than oil extracted in other ways. Because the process doesn’t involve any abrasive chemicals, the seed’s oils and proteins are separated while retaining beneficial nutrients.

Sativa oil drops

What are the benefits of Cannabis Sativa seed oil for skin?

What makes Cannabis Sativa seed oil stand out from other plant oils is the huge array of benefits it has for the skin. In addition to softening and moisturizing, hemp oil can soothe skin conditions like acne and, prevent signs of aging, and regulate oil production.

In scientific terms, the essential fatty acids in hemp oil have been shown to slow down TEWL, or trans-epidermal water loss. This strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier and softens fine lines.

With concentrations of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids of up to 80%, Cannabis Sativa oil helps calm the body’s inflammation response, reducing redness and helping skin.


What nutrients, vitamins, and minerals does hemp seed oil contain?
Cannabis Sativa oil was first used as a dietary supplement thanks to its very high concentration of nutrients. This oil is most well-known for containing a very high concentration of fatty acids, including omega-6, omega-3, omega-9, alpha-linolenic acid, and more. These acids are essential for proper health, but they also help improve skin condition and soothe irritation.

In addition to fatty acids, Cannabis sativa seeds are a complete protein source with all twenty amino acids in combination with vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D, E and arginine. These essential compounds prevent free radical damage, help protect skin and delay the aging process.

Topically applied EFAs have been scientifically shown to reduce trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) which can help prevent fine lines, wrinkles and acne. 

The reduction of TEWL has been found to strengthen the skin’s barrier which can help prevent the accumulation of bacteria on the skin.

High concentrations of 80% polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) within Cannabis sativa (hemp) seed oil helps to calm inflammation. 

It’s ability neutralize the skin’s inflammatory responses restoring the body’s natural ability to resist and repair damage.