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Tips for post-holiday skin detox

The holidays are over, the new year is here and it’s time to get back to your old routine. In our desire to get into the old rhythm and dynamics of everyday life, we often neglect the care of our skin. During the holidays, we usually slightly neglect any diets, habits and care for our largest organ – the skin. Food from holiday dinners, sleeping late, alcohol, skipping some steps in the care routine are just some of the reasons that stress our skin. Often this tention leads to problems such as acne, fine lines and loss of radiance. In this article, we will share with you steps to detox and speed up skin recovery, suitable for the post-holiday days.

1. Double cleanse for more radiant skin

Using two facial cleansers has quite a beneficial effect. Start with an oil-based cleanser. It cleans fat-soluble impurities such as make-up, sun creams, sebum, etc. Follow up with a water-based cleansing cosmetic that helps remove residual impurities such as dust, bacteria, and more.

2. Exfoliate well

During the holidays, especially if you’ve been neglecting to exfoliate your skin, now is the time to pay attention. Most ladies skip this step in their

daily routine, but as the new year approaches, it’s important to include it in your skincare. Exfoliation removes dead skin, allowing new cells to be generated faster, eliminating acne marks and redness.

3. Expand your pores with steam

The steam expands the pores, which leads to faster and more efficient absorption of the products that are applied afterwards. Put a pot of water on the stove and when it boils pour the water into a bowl. Lean over the bowl and cover your head with a towel, so the steam is directed fully at your face. Hold for about 10 minutes. In addition to this traditional method, you can also use devices that are specially designed for a steam bath on the face.

4. Nourishing products

After your face is already cleaned, exfoliated and completely ready to receive the cosmetics that follow, it’s time to apply nourishing serums and moisturizing creams. Thanks to the forward step with the expansion of the pores, the products will be absorbed more quickly and efficiently. We recommend using vitamin C, it not only reduces the appearance of fine

lines and acts as a shield against pollution, it is also rich in antioxidants and is an extremely good ingredient for a skin detox.

5. Face mask

For radiant and toxin-free skin, use a face mask. For this purpose, you can rely on both clay and mud masks, as well as sheet masks, which are easily found in drugstores. They impart radiance to the skin and deeply hydrate it. If you use a clay or mud mask, apply the mask and wash it off before it gets too dry. Often, face masks are left until they become so hard that even a smile turns into a difficult and painful expression. Keeping a clay or mud mask on the face for too long dehydrates the skin.

6. Drink water

For glowing and healthy skin, we should consume at least 10 glasses of water a day. Hydration of the entire body is important not only for how we look but also from a health perspective. Drinking water cleanses the skin of toxins and gives it a bright and fresh look. Coffee, alcohol and soft drinks are dehydrating drinks. It is good to avoid them during the detox process.

7. External factors

Lack of sleep, poor nutrition and stress are among the most common causes of skin problems. For efficiency and good health, try to get at least 7 hours of sleep a day. While we sleep, our cells speed up the process of recovery and renewal, which results in a healthy and bright appearance. When talking about skin, the way of eating also speaks for itself. Frequent intake of unhealthy and greasy food leads to acne, clogged pores and blackheads. In a full body detox, eat light and non-greasy food so that your body can process and expel the accumulated toxins easily. Along with lack of sleep and poor nutrition, among the harmful things for the skin, comes stress. Mental stress leads to the appearance of wrinkles and accelerated aging. Try to avoid stressful situations and indulge in not only physical, but also mental rest.

These were our tips for a post-holiday skin detox. Long holidays full of emotions, food and alcohol create good memories, but they have a long-term effect on our skin. Don’t neglect your skin this year. Start taking care of it now and boost your self-esteem and spirits.