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Eco-friendly packaging – why it is better than traditional packaging

Like any other industry, the beauty industry leaves its mark on the environment. Significant plastic waste comes from the application tools and containers used for cosmetics. Plastics account for more than half of the packaging industry. Every consumer of cosmetic products generates waste. To get an idea of ​​the damage to the environment from plastic and single-use packaging, we will talk in numbers:

– 2 billion tonnes of waste are generated in the EU every year.

– 55,000 landfills were found in 6 European countries.

This has led many companies and manufacturers to take a different direction with their packaging and create ones that are reusable.

Through this article, we will direct your attention to why the eco-friendly packaging of Imperium Est products is better than the traditional ones.

It’s always good to make informed decisions, even when it comes to our beauty ritual. Apart from the product itself, we should also be aware of its packaging. This will create a positive attitude, and the beauty ritual will become much more pleasant. Imperium Est natural ingredient cosmetic formulas are available in packaging that uses the Airglass Slim Refill system. This allows you to change the refill as many times as you want. The bottle itself is from 100% recycled glass. This also contributes to the generation of less waste. We should note that recycled glass is not inferior in quality to new. Globally, most glass bottles are recycled, and 60% of


the material in them has been used more than once. The slim and ergonomic design of the packaging does not allow the product to become contaminated or come into contact with the air. In this way, the life of the ingredients is extended. You can enjoy their beneficial effect for a long time, and after the contents run out – reuse the glass packaging by refilling it with a new refill. This is made easy and convenient thanks to our innovative mechanism. In addition to being practical, it also has a stylish design. It can be compactly stored in a handbag or cosmetic kit without causing any inconvenience. In this way, it will be able to be preserved for a long time and you will not put it at risk of breaking.

As a brand, we are aware that we are responsible for the impact of our products on the environment – from the production of the products to their final disposal. There is now a third party in the business model, and that is our Earth. It gets its dividend by being protected from pollution. We never stop looking for a balance with nature. We have a sense of responsibility towards our customers. Imperium Est offers cosmetic products with natural ingredients that combine luxury and sustainability in an ecological package.