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The most beautiful and mystical beaches in Italy.

Italy is blessed with amazing nature and inexhaustible beauty. Every corner here is a landmark, and wherever you look – a breathtaking view. The experiences and sights are undoubtedly endless. Impressive architecture, the ancient treasures of Rome, the charming canals of Venice, the meadows and hills of Tuscany – the dream of every writer, the seascapes of coastal cities – in Italy has everything. It is no coincidence that this is the country that fascinates millions of tourists every year.

Italy is a suitable destination for every season, but with the onset of summer and more vivid dreams of sea days, we can not help but think of the mystical beaches in the country. More than 7,300 km of coastline circumnavigate the Italian peninsula. The Mediterranean Sea, that surrounds it, was historically divided into several smaller seas – the Ligurian Sea, the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Sardinian Sea, the Adriatic Sea, and the Ionian Sea. Each of them carries its own individuality and becomes a significant part of the nearby towns.

Italy’s great coastline is also a source of amazing beaches, untouched bays, clear water, and charming nature. White sand and turquoise blue waters are the perfect places to relax and recharge in the summer. Therefore, in this article, we will give some suggestions for quiet and peaceful Italian beaches, which are not yet on the tourists’ radar but are worth a visit.

Cala Luna, Sardinia – If you are looking for more hidden beaches, head to the Tyrrhenian Sea and sunny Sardinia, or in other words – the Emerald Coast. The region is famous for its coastlines, but it also hides many secret bays that remain beyond tourist guides. This makes them more secluded and peaceful. One of them is Kapa Luna. It is easily accessible by car, boat, or even on foot.

Nearby is the Grotto del Blue Marino – a sea cave, which is accessible by boat. You can enjoy its views or let the tranquility of the beach captivate you and have a great day.



Zingaro Nature Reserve, Trapani – Through a dusty path, sharp rocks, and tall plants, you can reach one of the most charming beaches in Sicily. Some find the route too difficult, but those who persevere enough and manage to overcome it are rewarded with incredible views and bright blue waters.

This is the first nature reserve in Sicily, and only a few locals visit it. The sea is crystal clear and is the perfect place for rest, a little swimming, and more tanning. It is located west of Palermo and east of Trapani.

Fiordo di Furore – One of the most popular summer destinations in Italy is the Amalfi Coast and its pearl – Positano. However, its fame attracts thousands of visitors, which makes it lively, noisy, and fast. If you are in the area but want to get away from the tourist noise, head to Furore di Fiordo – below the highway between Amalfi and Positano.

This stunning beach is worth the trip. Not many people choose to visit it, which makes it more secluded. It is small, but the views there are incomparable. The bright blue waters will be imprinted in your mind, and you will want to return there every year.

Bagni della Regina Giovanna, Campania – this lagoon nestled between the rocks will enchant you at first sight. It was the private pool of the Queen of Naples in the 14th century. You can reach it by boat or through the neighboring Villa di Polio Felice. Today it is one of the best beaches in Italy, which, contrary to expectations, is not overcrowded. There are impressive views – climb the cliff, which offers breathtaking views of Sorrento on one side and on the other – to the island of Capri.

Spiaggia di Sansone, Elba Island – Elba is a small island, part of Tuscany, which fascinates with its wildlife and pristine beaches – they are a mixture of fine sand and white pebbles that touch the crystal clear blue water. The island of Elba has not yet gained popularity, which makes it a great place to relax.

No matter which beach you choose to spend your weekend on, the beautiful blue waters of Italy will not disappoint you, on the contrary, it will leave you wanting more. So don’t wait to enjoy this true bliss.