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Clean Beauty

According to grammar, beauty is a noun, but, according to us, it is a verb. Constant action. Inspired searching. The constant longing to change ourselves and the world, which is enclosed in one exquisite Latin word:  meliora, “something better”.

Today, this word reaches us changed but still strong and full of longing – melioration is our natural urge to make the soil richer and more fertile, to cultivate nature, to use its most valuable resources.

Imperium Est is not only cosmetics, but also striving for something better – to get the most out of the strongest, nutrient-rich plants, to add them to our products and make them accessible for you. With the power of science, we reach the energy reservoir of each plant – the small seed, the hard nut, where its precious oils are hidden. We create concentrates out of active substances, important antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins. This is the only food your skin needs – natural, nutritive, rich, balanced.

Of course, the desire to harness the power of nature to the chariot of beauty is not a new conception. He was born in Ancient Egypt, grew up in Ancient Greece and flourished in Ancient Rome. Today, we read with admiration (and amazement) the recipe for radiant skin with barley, mashed narcissus bulbs, Tuscan spelled and honey in Medicamina Faciei Femineae – the famous poem of the Roman poet Ovid in defense of women’s right to use cosmetics.

However, do not rush to look for a marble mortar to carefully grind a handful of bulbs! In the XXI century, there is an easier and more effective way to get natural and intelligent care.

Imperium Est offers you pure nature, transformed into working modern formulas. The right combination of ingredients is an impenetrable shield against environmental influences and premature aging, as well as a direct path to healthy and renewed radiant skin. Yes, beauty is found within, but it is our duty to protect it and support it from without. Let us do it with love for ourselves and for nature – the purest source of beauty and inspiration.