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Casa di Giulietta – a story of true love

In the month of love, we shared a couple of love stories that are connected with Italy. The time has come for the third, and not by chance – last, keeping it as a dessert in our column, precisely because it is the most famous love story – the story of Romeo and Juliet. In this article, in addition to their love story, we will share with you a little more about the house of Juliet, which remains one of the most fascinating landmarks in Italy.

There is not a single person who has not heard of one of the most famous tragedies of Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet. The tragedy tells the story of two families, two Verona families who hate each other. These are the Montecchi and Capuleti families. Romeo is from the Montecchi family, and Juliet is from the Capuleti family.

The story began when Romeo went to the Capuleti Ball. There he saw Juliet, and the two fell in love at first sight (it is no coincidence that the term “love at first sight” is connected and associated with the story of Romeo and Juliet). Juliet’s family wanted to marry her to the Count of Paris, 

but she had eyes only on Romeo. At the same time, Juliet’s cousin was angry that Romeo of the Montecchi family had infiltrated their ball. Her father stopped him from doing something stupid in his rage. The father wanted to avoid bloodshed and hatred in his own home. Later, sneaking into the family’s orchard, Romeo overheard Juliet standing at her window and declaring her love for Romeo, despite the hatred and all the unrest between their families that stand in the way of their love. So Romeo also revealed his feelings for her, and they decided to marry. They secretly get married the next day with the help of the brother Lorenzo, who secretly hopes to reconcile the two families precisely with the help of love between their children. Later, however, Juliet’s family insisted that she become the wife of the Count of Paris. Despite her attempts to dissuade them and postpone the marriage, her mother did not agree. Then she sought help from Lorenzo, and he offered her a potion that would bring her to a coma-like state, resembling death in 42 hours. Juliet agreed, and Lorenzo sent his envoy, who had been tasked to reveal Romeo the plan. Sadly, the envoy

did not inform Romeo. Instead, he learned about Juliet’s alleged death and that she had already been laid to rest in the family tomb. Romeo loved Juliet so much that he could not imagine life without her, so he decided to buy poison from a nearby pharmacy and visit the Capuleti family tomb. Thus comes the end for Romeo… Not long after, Juliet woke up and saw Romeo dead. She took his dagger and ended her life. That’s how their story ended. Their love never materialized in their lifetime, but it was real. And after the death of their children, the two families decided to reconcile.

Juliet’s house remains to this day one of Verona’s most famous attractions and a landmark visited by thousands of tourists. It was built in the 13th century. Its famous balcony, which we mentioned – the place where Juliet expresses her love for Romeo, was built much later, around the 20th century. In the house itself, you can enjoy a small museum, which exhibits various objects related to the tragedy of Shakespeare – costumes, photographs, and others based on it.

In the yard of the house, as we hinted in the article about Verona, you will

see the bronze statue of Juliet. As we have already told you, the belief is that whoever touches her right breast will be lucky in love, and if they have not found the great love of their life – they will find it. The walls leading to the courtyard are strewn with love letters and messages, hearts.

Every year for Valentine’s Day, the so-called “Juliet’s Club” organizes various celebrations in her house, and those whose letters from the previous year have made the strongest impression are rewarded.

And so, although the story of Romeo and Juliet does not end happily, it shows the power of true love. For it, there are no boundaries. And there are also no families, no clans, no religions, no colors – love is the strongest feeling one can experience in one’s life. Love is the most inspiring energy you can receive. Love makes sense, love changes people always for the better. So don’t forget to love. Don’t forget that you deserve to be loved – truly and strongly!