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Body Bliss – pamper your body

The human body. It is our first and permanent home. Through it, we declare ourselves to the world and determine our way of living. The body is the reflection of ourselves, our attitude, and our understanding of life itself. That is why we must take care of it, as we take care of the physical place where we live – house, apartment, etc. As we try to keep our living conditions there good, our attitude towards our body should be one of care and attention to detail. When it is in good health, we feel complete, we can relax and make a connection with self-love.

In this article, we will pay a little more attention to the largest organ in the human body – the skin, and how to take proper care of it. We will also present our Body Bliss series, which is specially dedicated to skincare and is an amazing ritual to pamper all the senses.

Of course, we start with the fact that body hygiene and skincare are extremely important both for our health and for our overall comfort. They also boost our self-esteem. The daily care of the body’s skin that keeps it healthy, fresh and nourished should include a little more than a shower. Building a ritual for the maintenance and care of the body’s skin primarily protects the body from infections, and diseases and ensures a healthy appearance. The main steps to follow are cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, and protection from harmful UV rays.

Cleansing removes dirt, sebum, sweat, and other residues to keep our skin clean and healthy. Exfoliation itself is the process of removing dead skin cells. It is the basis of any good routine. It helps stimulate blood circulation and prepares the skin for better absorption of other products. Hydration of

the skin is a barrier that protects against disease and infection, as our skin is exposed to several environmental factors that negatively affect – dryness, cracking, redness, etc. Protection from harmful UV rays is especially important during the warmer seasons when we expose the skin to direct sunlight because it can lead to rapid aging, loss of elasticity, the appearance of dark spots, and wrinkles.

Imperium Est’s Body Bliss series is specifically designed to provide a comprehensive ritual for body skincare. It is designed for anyone who wants to build a better relationship with their body and feel significantly better in their skin. And in this series we were inspired by the concept of the four basic elements that make up the whole world, choosing the element of fire to represent it. Fire is associated with strength, transformation, purification, determination, will, and passion. On a physical level, it is responsible for body temperature, metabolism, energy, and digestion. Just like the Body Bliss series, which embodies the power of

body skincare. The ingredients included in it are Body Bliss Salt Body Scrub, Body Bliss Lightweight Oil, Body Bliss Reshape And Remodel Gel, and Body Bliss Solar Protection Milk Spf30. Naturally, it was exceptional for us that the ingredients of these products were of the highest quality. Some of them are:

– Hemp seed oil, tightens and strengthens the skin and ensures a powerful antioxidant effect.

– Hemp seed oil, helps to repel the sun’s rays without affecting the absorption of Vitamin D

– Argan oil, maintains skin elasticity, eliminates pigmentation, and smoothes wrinkles.

Pamper your body skin, and shower it with love from Imperium Est Body Bliss. Learn more about the series here –