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Why is Italy love?

Italy is a country of rich past and history, peeking behind every brick, tile, window. It is a country of beauty, culture, style, and romance. Italy has a  unique feature that could hardly be mistaken, but at the same time, this feature is inherent in other countries around the world – a unique atmosphere.

It is difficult to describe in words why the country has won so many hearts and continues to do so. With this blog article, we will try to reveal at least a part of its elegance and where exactly it is hidden. In this line of thought, we can say for sure that it is not rooted in a single thing, but everywhere – from drinks, delicious food, to small secluded streets, majestic architectural landmarks, and unique works of art and artists that the country is home.

Italy’s convenient location is on the Apennine Peninsula, or as many people would call it, The Boot. This further contributes to the extremely favorable subtropical and mild climate.

In turn, this allows the development of exceptional flora and fauna, which amaze all people. Italy is known for its stunning landscapes and picturesque surroundings, from golden beaches and azure seas to Tuscan hills and vineyards, to huge lakes. It is guaranteed that visitors will fall in love immediately.

Historically, one of the first significant civilizations, the Etruscan, began in Italy. The Etruscans had their own way of life, language, and script, which were later adopted by the Italians. The mighty Roman Empire originates from the country. In Rome, many of the landmarks associated with this era still stand and watch over this ancient gathering place of civilization. The medieval cities of Milan, Venice, Genoa, and Sicily are also home to some of the most impressive cultural sites. Italy, especially Florence, is also considered the cradle of the Renaissance. It can be said that the history of the country plays a key role in shaping it in the country we see today 

and like so much.

Wherever in Italy, we can enjoy unique new and old architecture. Romance is all around us. Wherever we look, in every corner, we can find it and enjoy it with our eyes. Starting from Venice – St. Mark’s Square, the Doge’s Palace, the Bridge of Sighs, cross the Vatican, stop in Milan – Piazza del Duomo. Let’s not forget to admire the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, the Tower of Pisa and many other destinations and finally reach a nice little village like Manarola.

Love for many people passes through the stomach, not only through the heart and eyes. Italy is where we can enjoy delicious Italian food according to authentic recipes passed down from generation to generation.

Naples is the birthplace of the traditional pizza with a unique taste, namely „Margarita“ – very thin, made from specific flour, and baked in an oven with wood. It is dedicated to the Italian Queen Marguerite of Savoy, who fell in love with the taste from the first bite. Second, but not least, is the Italian pasta, prepared in a special way – „al dente“. Whether with the traditional tomato sauce with basil, or bolognese, or carbonara – the choice is rich, and the unique taste is guaranteed.

Walking through the small streets full of history and culture, we can taste the typical Italian ice cream – gelato. It is prepared with great diligence and attention to the smallest detail to create a variety of taste combinations that we will fall in love with.

In a country with a rich past and history, we can also enjoy the fragrant Italian coffee, prepared in a small heated cup, exactly two fingers long and very, very strong.

Visiting Italy, we can not help but feel the carelessness, love of life … and passion for food. This is also felt in the Italians, who are very casual, enjoy every moment, and experience it to the fullest, as they see fit.

Because of all the above and many other facts not shared in this article, we can say that Italy is love. It brings a unique harmony, enjoyment, and peace of soul that we all need. It is a country that is similar to generously endowing you with its beauty and warmly welcoming you at every moment. This is an experience that everyone should go through and experience at least once in their life.