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Benefits of olive oil in cosmetic

In the world of cosmetics, there are thousands of beneficial ingredients that are said to, in one way or another, transform our skin and make it flawless. Often many of them are unknown to us, but we still rely on them because we are convinced of the miracle they will create for us. That’s why so many cosmetic kits today seem to be full of unnecessary products – many people buy popular cosmetics but realize that the main ingredients that are so heavily advertised do not actually have this great effect or are simply not suitable for them and their skin type.

Each skin has its own individual characteristics. This sometimes makes even the most popular ingredients in cosmetics unsuitable for many people who experience side effects, irritations, or other skin problems.

However, some natural ingredients have repeatedly proven their beneficial properties that help even those with the most delicate skin. One of them is

olive oil, which we want to tell you about today. In this article, we will introduce you to its beneficial properties for the body.

The oil, which is obtained by pressing olives and extracting their oil, is available in many different forms and has many applications. We all keep a bottle of olive oil in the cupboard in our kitchen – it is the perfect way to create a salad dressing. Most people usually use it as part of their dinner, but the more we search, the more benefits we find in its other applications. It is especially useful as an ingredient in various cosmetics and products, which we will emphasize today.

The benefits of olive oil for the skin are many. It is rich in vitamins, including A, D and K, as well as vitamin E. They help reduce oxidative stress, which can cause premature signs of aging. It has a high concentration of squalene compared to other types of fats and oils. Squalene is what

olive oil

gives the oil an extra antioxidant boost. Olive oil acts as a natural moisturizer and fights bacteria. Its composition in many cosmetic products even treats stubborn acne and helps kill the bacteria that cause it. It also moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated for a long time.

The ingredient deeply moisturizes the delicate skin around the eyes and nourishes the lashes as the conditioner acts on the hair. Olive oil protects cells from the negative effects of the environment and prevents inflammation. It also provides protection against premature signs of skin aging, fine lines and wrinkles, pigment spots, and more. It is also good against irritation and redness – anti-inflammatory ingredients found in olive oil also help wounds heal faster. Triterpenes, which are present in many vegetable oils, especially olive oil, support many biological reactions such as those needed for wound healing – cell migration, cell proliferation, and collagen deposition. They improve the recovery of problem areas and reduce the length of time for their treatment.

An interesting study shows that olive oil actually works to fight cancer cells. The percentage of tumors after their application on the skin decreases significantly, so even today the oil is used as an alternative or additional treatment.

Olive oil is often used as a leading ingredient in face wash products. Its strong properties easily and quickly clean even waterproof makeup, remove excess sebum and leave the face smooth and soft.

Olive oil can be found in many skincare products, such as serums, face oils, and rich creams. As an emollient with occlusive properties, it is best suited for sealing the maximum amount of moisture in the skin, for example as the last step of the beauty routine. If you are still hesitant to incorporate olive oil into your beauty rituals, remember our other articles in which we talk about the most important part of skincare – hydration. Good hydration is the key to healthy, supple, and young skin, and using cosmetic products with olive oil is just another way to ensure it.