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Benefits of green clay in cosmetics

Since ancient times, various natural products have been used as substitutes for cosmetics and makeup. This is exactly how all the best products that have stood the test of time and are still widely distributed, and used. One of them is clay. It is soft and rich in minerals. There are many different colors, and each of them has its beneficial properties. However, one still stands out today, and it is one of the most successful and beneficial ingredients in natural cosmetics in the world. This is green clay, also called illite. It is the most popular type of clay for use in various beauty treatments and skincare products.

Green clay is common in southern Francе. That is why it is called French green clay. Its unique physical and chemical properties are the reason why it is used as the main ingredient in many high-quality products of world-famous cosmetic brands. Its unique effect on the body does not go

unnoticed, and it quickly became the best weapon for women in the world who are struggling with various skin problems. The properties of natural green clay can have an enriching effect on the skin and body. Using it as part of your routine care can help balance oily skin, detoxify, remove impurities and improve facial tone and complexion.

How does green clay work in skincare? It is often applied as face masks to remove impurities and improve skin health. Its use in cosmetics allows a unique molecular exchange between clay and skin. When in contact with it, negatively charged clay with salt minerals attracts positive ions.

Green clay is rich in many skin-friendly elements, some of which are iron oxide, which helps fight bacteria. Its structure is layered, which makes it highly absorbent. This, in turn, helps it to be even stronger and more

green clay

effective cleanser. Over the years, it was talked around the world about the benefits of clay and its beneficial effects on the skin. It is well known that it contributes to several problems, some of which are dryness, irritation, and excessive oiliness, it is said that it even fights pigment spots. The clay effectively removes dirt, soothes irritations, and cleans all layers. Over time, the clay transforms the skin and makes it softer, smoother, and radiant.

Clay detoxifies the skin. Applying green clay removes toxins from the face like a magnet. The ionic charge of clay molecules attaches and removes toxic molecules from even the deepest layers of the face and leaves it clean and tender. In addition, green clay has the properties of a gentle exfoliant. It cleans pores, removes excess sebum, cleanses the face by removing dirt and dead skin cells, and leaves it fresh.

Green clay also has soothing properties. It relieves rashes and can even reduce allergic reactions. It also has deodorizing properties. Its super-absorbent properties capture unpleasant skin odors and neutralize them, removing them from the body, while at the same time cleansing it of other bacteria.

All these beneficial properties of this natural product only testify to the benefits it gives to the cosmetics in which it is present. There are many green clay products today, and consumers have a choice of different options. However, its most common use is in face masks, cleansing properties, and creams. It is a key ingredient in some of Imperium Est’s products.