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Be Bright – light as air

Air is part of the concept of the four basic elements – earth, air, water, and fire. According to Plato, it is considered hot and humid, while others claim that it is clean and bright. Early Greek philosophers described it as an arch, while others associated it with intelligence, the human psyche, and the soul.

We dare say that air is interpreted in different ways and everyone has their own individual and unique view of it. It is perhaps the only element that is constantly all around us. In fact, the air around us is constantly pressing on us. We would collapse under its weight if we did not have more of it in us to create a balance of life. Every living thing in this world needs air to survive, even plants produce their food through it. We are nothing without this element, which, in addition to being a symbol of intelligence and origin, is also a vital part of us.

The element air is considered our connection with cosmic respiration. It blurs the boundaries between our inner and outer nature and makes them one. It symbolizes the intellect and the new beginning, teaches us to share, be grateful, and see the world better. People, under the sign of the air element, endow everyone else with the ability to better understand their surroundings, so they can see everything much more clearly when they are among them. The element is associated with intelligence, lightness, and creativity. It is a symbol of a new beginning. Air is the communication, the intellectual, the spiritual in each of us.

Our body, just like the air, is the only other thing that stays with us forever and accompanies us through everything we go through. However, it changes throughout our lives. Our physical characteristics are given to us at birth, but they change more and more every year. Every woman remembers

the young baby skin she had years ago. Some even dream of achieving it again. Somewhere in the metamorphosis of the young girl who becomes a woman, lurks the moment of its complete change.

The mid-twenties are the moment when the skin begins to change, and its processes develop as if in reverse. Then the skin produces less and less collagen, and you may begin to notice it more relaxed than before, dry and tired. At this age, however,  it is too early to apply anti-aging cosmetics because the body gets used to it and may later react in an undesirable way.

That’s why we at Imperium Est have created the Be Bright series – cosmetics for young skin that needs stimulation to keep its features. At this age, it is essential to rely on the right products that will take care of the specific needs of the period you are going through. That’s when the skin undergoes significant changes, which, even if not yet so visible, have a great impact on your future radiance.

Be Bright contains products for the basic steps of every young woman’s routine – moisturizing day and nourishing night face cream, face serum, eye contour, and, of course, the obligatory mask. The main ingredients in the cosmetics of the series are oils – almond, soy, shea, extracts of strawberries and other fruits, aloe vera. They also include mandatory peptides, as well as glycerin, and elastin.

The combination of ingredients is inspired by what the element of air symbolizes – intelligence, lightness, and a new beginning. It acts instantly and prevents premature signs of aging, capturing even the slightest changes in the skin. It restores the air feeling, the desire for life, and lightness.

Ensure a carefree, airy, and light youth by investing in timely skincare with Imperium Est Be Bright – learn more about the series here: