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Back to work. How to prepare our skin.

Summer is a time for sea adventures, unforgettable moments, and magical emotions… a time to recharge and relax. And autumn? A season filled with many colors and moods. With the arrival of September, we begin one of our favorite seasons, a symbol of the balance between summer and winter, namely autumn. This is the time of year when it’s easy to change our routine and adapt to the colder days.

The summer adventures are over, and it’s time to return to our daily routine. Everyone’s preparation, of course, starts with the wardrobe, with new acquisitions for the season to return to the workplace. We must not forget about the care of our skin, so it is still radiant, smooth, and clean, even during the cooler time of the year.

Every season calls for slight changes in our skincare routine. In order not to lose its appearance, we must help it to adapt to new climatic conditions such as wind, temperature differences, rain, cold as well as lack of sunlight.

During the transitional time, going from summer to autumn, our skin becomes increasingly dry and dehydrated. It is possible that it will also become hypersensitive due to the change of seasons and the lower temperatures outside. For this reason, we must first start with the recovery of our skin, then move on to the daily care of it.

Peeling is a good procedure to deep clean your face and body. In this way, we will renew the texture and color of our skin. Peeling procedures will help make the skin smoother, softer, and more tender. Also, our complexion will clear up, and sunspots will lighten. For people with oilier or combination skin, it is good to continue with peeling procedures once a week, at least until the end of October.

Cleansing the skin of the face is one of the most important routine activities that are a must for every single season of the year. It is good to choose products suitable for our skin type.


In autumn, our skin needs more hydration and nourishment. It is recommended to replace light moisturizing products with ones that have a richer texture. Hyaluronic acid and glycerin are very important ingredients in the products. They strengthen the hydrolipid mantle and create a protective barrier on the surface of the skin. In order for the skin to be hydrated and nourished, it is good to include these components in the composition of facial products.

Quite often, each of us forgets about a very important face product, namely sun protection. It is especially important at the beginning of autumn when our skin adapts to the cooler weather. It is recommended to use a sun protection product with SPF 30 daily.

Now that we’ve prepared our skin for the first day of work after our summer vacation, it’s time to move on to our fall skincare routine, according to its type. As we know, each type of skin requires different products to take care of it.

For more sensitive skin, it is good to choose products with soothing ingredients. In autumn, some people experience problems such

as oiliness. This is usually caused by dehydration of the skin and thickening of the stratum corneum. It is common in people who have problemаtic skin. In these cases, it is good to use more exfoliating gels during the day and to do light peeling in the evening.

Dry skin needs extra hydration with a serum to keep it looking vibrant and radiant. Face and neck masks also help to keep your face looking good.

If your skin is a combination, it’s good to use products with lighter textures, even in autumn. Serums and light creams are the perfect combinations to keep it hydrated.

Each season affects the sensitivity and dryness of our skin. Because of this, we must not forget that it also needs our attention, care, and love, especially after the long and exciting summer. Precisely because of this, the arrival of the month of September and the subsequent autumn is the perfect time for each of us to change our skincare routine. Start with the wardrobe, then move into the magic of cosmetics and self-care.