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about imperium est

    At the beginning of our journey, we were reminded that Rome was not built in a day and that the perfect serum, cream or cleansing gel is not created overnight. We subdued the impulse to rush and leap forward before we were fully ready, inspired by Seneca’s words: “Imperare sibi maximum imperium est” – “To rule yourself is the ultimate form of power.”

    Today, this sentence envelops each of our products, because with Imperium Est we want to hand over power to you – the power to choose wisely and day after day to give the most important thing to the person you love.

    What distinguishes the ordinary cosmetic product from the exclusive skincare of Imperium Est? Those priceless ingredients that are not visible to the naked eye – great patience and hundreds of hours of in-depth work on each component, professional knowledge and complete dedication. For months we have been perfecting our simplistic and pure formula. It embodies our idea of ​​luxury – quality natural ingredients working in complete harmony.

    Imperium Est is not only good cosmetics but a plant-based diet for your skin: without heavy, unnecessary or completely unnecessary ingredients. Each component of the formula is in place and builds a logical composition that powerfully affects many levels – “locks” hydration in the epidermis, strengthens the natural barrier and protects against stress; acts as an anti-inflammatory and soothes irritations; smoothes fine lines, clears dark circles and blemishes; refreshes and thickens. And most importantly – food with the best of nature.

    In three of the four of our series, Cannabis Sativa oil is used – a real hydrating “bomb”. With its essential fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6, gamma-linolenic acid and antioxidants, this ingredient has a central place in our cosmetic formula. Of course, it does not act alone, but in symbiosis with other maximally natural or organic components – almond sweet oil and shea butter, organic strawberry extract and rice oil, a biomimetic peptide with glycerin, caffeine and elastin. Of course, all products are certified and tested in authorized laboratories.

    Imperium Est is your personal dermatological assistant in an exquisite glass bottle with a stylized logo inspired by the faces of Ancient Rome, where every noble lady had her cosmetician – an assistant who maintains her beauty. Our developments are available only in Airglass Slim Refill – elegant and eco-friendly packaging because we not only use the power of plants, but we also think about nature. In addition to protecting the contents from contact with air, Airglass Slim Refill allows you to replace only the filler as many times as you want and thus reduce waste disposal. What better way than to take care of yourself and the environment? There is no need to choose between a luxurious experience and an ecological lifestyle when you can have both.